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 Races and Weapons

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Races and Weapons Empty
PostSubject: Races and Weapons   Races and Weapons Icon_minitimeFri Feb 27, 2009 6:24 pm

Human-those of flesh and bones that can be of two classes Warior or Knight they can only handle swords and guns (guns are hard to get a hold of)

Beast- these a blood thirsty monsters that can be knights they are located in level C-D they can handle heavy equipment

Hunters-these are human/beast creatues they are found in all of Gu-Mi they are often slaying beasts of different levels or comitting theft on those of Airi Zone they can handle swords, daggers, bows

A1 Demon-these are people that where hoods over there faces they are found in the hidden areas of Gu-Mi they are the most powerful demon on the game they posses magic (dark), sythes, swords, and can create anything that can forge into darkness

B1 Demon- People that are dressed like Samuurais but posess the element of fire they are alies of the humans and mages they are found in the dojos of Levels A-B the weapons they can use are swords and magic

C1 Demon- these are demons of the lowest class they are either small or big they are found in every part of the game they are known as peasents and they can use magic, and daggers, and chains

Mages-Humans that have powers of the elements in which they were taught by the B1 demons they can control magic, staff, and daggers

Alchemists- Evil mages found in the areas the A1 and B1 Demons are

Thefts-humans that steal from people in Airi Zone too buy for there needs

Dragoons-Humans/Beast people that ali with humans but think they are all and powerful they control magic, and swords fund in Airi Zone or Level A-B
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Races and Weapons
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